Covid-19 Updates: Online classes listed below

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Online Classes during Sheltering in Place for COVID-19 Please email Christine ahead of time to register.

Christine is currently offering her services remotely. Please email Christine to get the invitation to register and get the new passwords.

Upcoming Movement Series: GETTING BACK UP
Wednesdays 5pm-6pm PDT
October 28, and November 4 and 1

$63 for the whole series, including audio recording
(You will receive an audio recording of each class, so if you can’t attend the event live, you can learn in your own time.)

In this class series, we will move slowly and deepen our relationship with gravity in order to improve our efficiency of movement. This will help us respond to falling, and learn how to get up from the floor more gracefully and effectively. 

LUNDI FELDENKRAIS Classe de Conscience de Soi par le Mouvement®
9am-9:50am PDT, ou 12h-12:50h Heure du Québec, ou 18h France

Après inscription, vous recevrez un courriel avec les information nécessaires pour joindre la classe.

MONDAY morning PILATES mat class
10am-11:15am PDT

Suggested donation $15-$25
(See Under “Show your Appreciation” below)

(After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.)

How You can Show Your Appreciation!

Donations for classes can be accepted through PayPal. To make sure Christine receives the full donation contribution, please send payment from your PayPal account to using the Send to friends and family option (waiving PayPal service fees).

Pay what you can! No one turned away for lack of funds! If you’re out of work and want to show your appreciation in other ways, invite your friends and family to join! Thank you so much!

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Motion Exploration is a way to improve function and learn about our full potential through an inquisitive approach. Services include Pilates, Personal Training, The Feldenkrais Method, Dance, Stretching and Breathing exercises.

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The Feldenkrais Method® intends to make one aware of his/her habitual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities and to expand his/her movement repertoire, increasing sensitivity and improving efficiency. By experiencing the quality associated with the movement (various qualities may include ease or difficulty, smoothness or jerkiness, strain or effortlessness) one can pay attention as to how the movement is being performed (how much of the whole self is being involved. What is the trajectory of the movement and where it is initiated from) rather then how far the movement can go.  This study of self-use involves many repetitions of similar movements.  The student then refines his/her own awareness.  He/she will learn how to differentiate and approach each repetition with new curiosity each time, which will result in opening more possibilities in expending their range of motion and movement repertoire.

Read this recent article on the Feldenkrais Method in the Washington Post: “A different way to relieve years of back pain”

Check out this video on What is Feldenkrais?

By the means of these Awareness Through Movement® lessons we are looking to improve comfort on a day-to-day basis. We use gentle movement since the slowness helps us to notice where the extra tensions are and to notice the effort not necessary but which we are doing by habit to execute a simple movement.  Eliminating parasitic muscles (The ones not necessary to execute one particular action) improves movement efficiency.  Moving becomes more pleasurable, more graceful, and effortless.