“I’ve worked with Christine for 6-10 months now, twice a week. She’s fabulous, empathic, effective, supportive, and knowledgeable about both Feldenkrais and Pilates. As a result of working with her, I feel stronger and more capable of managing pain. She pushes me, but with a gentle hand. Can’t recommend her enough.”
– Addie S., retired english teacher and visual artist who Christine worked with
at St-Francis Memorial Hospital in Dance Medicine

“In January 2018, I invited Christine to teach at the Center for Dance and Movement Research at Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala. She was a guest teacher for our Teacher’s training program. Christine brought into the class her Feldenkrais training, her contemporary dance expertise and her passion for movement. She guided us wisely and serenely through many Feldenkrais lessons and gave us helpful and rich feedback when questions arose. Christine was attentive to each of the participants and their well being. She was generous with her knowledge and her time. She encouraged everyone to be curious about discovering fascinating new information arising from the body. Christine’s visit to Guatemala was a wonderful experience for everyone participating in the workshop and for myself who hope to continue creating together future adventures.”
– Sabrina Castillo Gallusser, Director Center for Dance and Movement Research
Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala City

“I have been a client of Christine’s for four years. Initially, she was recommended to me for a spine injury (Lumbar 4-5) and after assessing me she set a plan in motion to counter the nerve pain and get me moving freely again. Using the Feldenkrais Method she helped me essentially relearn a more efficient use of my skeletal system in conjunction with my muscular system to move more freely and out of pain. She also has an uncanny way of observing and offering movement-adjustments that relieve aches and pain, offer much better mobility and avoids future injury. As I became more agile we moved into Pilates to build back muscle strength and lengthening; Christine is a master at instructing. Her Motion Exploration principles of a holistic approach changed my whole way of approaching movement/exercise of any kind. Four years of working together and she continues to highlight how certain joint and muscle movements in our workouts are critical to sustaining an active, injury-free lifestyle. Everything she has taught me assists me in my daily yoga and exercise-machine use on my own time. She is the best!”
– Catherine Farrell, CMJ Ventures

“I have been working with and learning from Christine for over 2 and 1/2 years. When we first began, I had terrible shoulder, neck and chest soreness. I also had not been physically active for a very long time and was now in my early fifties. Christine recommended Feldenkrais along with a combination of yoga, Pilates and strength training. My practice with her and the lessons she gives me to do on my own have made a significant difference in my body and mind. I no longer experience the pain I once did and continue to gain strength and flexibility as well. The distressing benefit is priceless. She really tailored a program to my needs and is such a wonderful, kind and patient teacher. My ongoing lessons help me to refine what she’s taught me and we are building upon them. Little did I know, the decision to work with her would change my life and I would be forever grateful.”
– Mary M., Administrator and Biotech Company Cofounder

“I have taken pilates mat classes from Christine for several years. At first I was a bit cautious since I have had back issues for years. Working with Christine has strengthened my core to the point I very seldom have a flare up of my back. Christine is excellent at learning about your injury and pointing out modifications best for your body. During my time with Christine I have not only increased my core strength, but my flexibility as well. I have recently added a pilates reformer session to my routine and it has made a big difference in my strength and carriage. On top of it all, Christine is always smiling and positive. She gets so excited when a client “gets” the move. I highly recommend working with Christine.”
– Christine Liu, Former Outside Sales Rep