20% Off – Women’s International Day offer

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The gift of well-being
for International Woman’s Day

Take this opportunity to show the women in your life
you appreciate them!

Offer a gift certificate for a private Feldenkrais session to someone who identifies as a Woman and get 20% off. (Valid for sessions provided at The Corner Studio in San Francisco).

It is rare that I offer discounts in my practice, especially since my schedule is often full. However, this is a time where women need to be taken care of, loved, cherished, and supported for all the work they do. And if you are a woman and you want to offer yourself a gift—a place where you’ll get the benefit of a massage while feeling an improvement in posture, balance, and well-being—treat yourself! You deserve it!

And if this message simply brings awareness to this important day and you find other ways to support the women in your life, I will have accomplished something important. Feel free to drop me a line on my Instagram or Facebook page to tell me how special this day is for you!

Happy International Woman’s Day everyone.


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